Thursday, April 21, 2011

Green Room Inspiration

Green rooms are usually rooms where performers and entertainers hang out before they go on stage. The room is usually not green but for sure decked in luxurious colors with posh style furniture. The only thing green in those green rooms are probably the fruit and veggie plate that is normally untouched. Well here Emily from listed actual green rooms that work. If you've been trying to decide on a new color for any room. Check out the different hues of green for each room to inspire you. Take a chance its just color! Don't be afraid to try new colors.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fashion and Home: Rock Glam.

New York Apartment: Galasso Residence

This is the home of the Galasso's. This apartment is on Park Avenue and 57th Street in Manhattan, NY. 1,200 sf 2br. Constructed by MRTA Design NY.

This apartment looks like a modern country oasis. At first glance I thought this space was in the suburbes but nope, right smack in Midtown Manhattan. Traditional Modern Chic with an Urban manhattanite twist. The dark hardwood floor brings luxury and elegance to this space and the cowhide rug which is a huge trend right now lends it self to the apartment very nicely bringing an urban chic modern feel. Stay tuned for "Get the look" on this apartment.

Fashion Inspires Home

Hermes: Home Decor {accessories}

Hermes not only makes beautiful handbags but gorgeous home accessories. Check out a couple I came across on My favorites...


Throw, wool and cashmere, ecru/orange (87″ × 102″)
Also available in ecru/dark gray, ecru/camel, coco/chamomile by Hermes
Leather Cork Screw. by Hermes

Printed beach towel with elephant print, terrycloth (36″ × 60″) by Hermes
Also available in red/yellow

Spoon and fork in sterling silver with rocking horse by Hermes
Rocking horse rattle in sterling silver by Hermes

Cushion, wool and cashmere, ecru/camel (27.5″ × 27.5″)
Also available in ecru/dark gray, ecru/orange, coco/chamomile by Hermes

Tea set for 2 includes teapot (17.6 oz), 2 7oz tea cups with saucers and a mini serving dish by Hermes
Porcelain Teapot for 2, 17oz. by Hermes

Clou de Selle detail, 85% wool, 15% cashmere, 68.9″ × 55.1″ by Hermes

Photo Credit: Hermes

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Old Hollywood B&W framed photos

I. AM. OBSESSED....with Old Hollywood Glamour era! These are gorgeous!

High Point Furniture Market: Wrap Up

I'm back!! I had the pleasure of attending the High Point furniture market in North Carolina this past week. It's like Fashion Week for Furniture. This place is HUGE. 12 million square feet of exhibitors showing all the hot new products in furniture for Fall 2011. Check out just a few of the products that were shown.