Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hermes: Home Decor {accessories}

Hermes not only makes beautiful handbags but gorgeous home accessories. Check out a couple I came across on My favorites...


Throw, wool and cashmere, ecru/orange (87″ × 102″)
Also available in ecru/dark gray, ecru/camel, coco/chamomile by Hermes
Leather Cork Screw. by Hermes

Printed beach towel with elephant print, terrycloth (36″ × 60″) by Hermes
Also available in red/yellow

Spoon and fork in sterling silver with rocking horse by Hermes
Rocking horse rattle in sterling silver by Hermes

Cushion, wool and cashmere, ecru/camel (27.5″ × 27.5″)
Also available in ecru/dark gray, ecru/orange, coco/chamomile by Hermes

Tea set for 2 includes teapot (17.6 oz), 2 7oz tea cups with saucers and a mini serving dish by Hermes
Porcelain Teapot for 2, 17oz. by Hermes

Clou de Selle detail, 85% wool, 15% cashmere, 68.9″ × 55.1″ by Hermes

Photo Credit: Hermes

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